Poppy Rolls (Makové rožky)

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Ingredients: 350g all purpose flour, 1 packet of yeast, 2 yolks, 2 tbsp powdered sugar, salt, 30g butter, 250 ml milk
Prep Time: 30 minutes for baking

Ala from Žiar nad Hronom sent me another recipe, this time for poppy rolls (makové rožky). Her mom made these and they look delicious!

risen dough rolled out dough
Start by preparing your standard leavened dough from all the ingredients, except for one yolk and the poppy seeds. Once the dough puffs up, roll it out into a circle, and cut into triangular wedges.

rolled up bread rolls rolls topped with poppy
Then roll these into rolls (just like when making the regular bread rolls), brush on one yolk, and top with ground poppy seeds.

beautiful Slovak poppy rolls
Bake for about 30 minutes at 350F. Enjoy!.

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