Cucumber Salad (Uhorkový Šalát)

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Cucumber salad (uhorkový šalát) is a frequent companion to Slovak dishes. You will find it taking place next to baked chicken or pork schnitzel. It’s also one of those “too simple to be true” foods. Here is the how-to-guide for two servings.

Ingredients: 1 cucumber, half a clove of garlic, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar
Prep Time: 10 minutes

how to peel cucumbers how to slice cucumbers
Start by peeling the cucumber (uhorka). Slice it into thin slices using a box grater and place in a salad bowl. Then add a teaspoon of salt and half a clove of garlic (strúčik cesnaku), minced.

cucumber salad
Then add sugar and vinegar, to taste. Or if you don’t like it too “vinegary”, mix the vinegar with water, so that you have enough liquid for the cucumbers to swim in. I ended up using two tablespoons of sugar and no water. Top off with black pepper and let sit for few minutes to allow the flavors mix through. Enjoy!