Poppy Seed Noodles (Rezance s Makom)

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Ingredients: noodles (fettuccine width), ground poppy seeds, sugar, butter
Prep Time: 30 minutes

I grew up eating poppy seed noodles (rezance s makom). These are quite similar to šúlance s makom (poppy seed dough rolls, from šúlať, to roll). Those are frequently eaten on Christmas. See, in Slovak heritage, poppies are a sign of wealth. It’s customary to wish someone to have peňazí ako maku, money like poppies. This is why we eat so many dishes topped with poppy seeds.

cooking noodles strain them
Start by cooking noodles (rezance). Home-made noodles work the best, but if you don’t feel like all the trouble, just grab some wide, fettuccine-like pasta. Bring slightly salted water to boil. Cook until done. Noodles (just like any pasta) will float to the top when cooked. But of course, you can just taste one or two. Strain them and rinse off with cold water.

add poppy seeds rezance s makom, poppy seed nodles
Place noodles in a pot in which you melted some butter (maslo). Stir in a mixture of ground poppy seeds (mak) and sugar (cukor). That’s it. Very easy and very tasty. Enjoy!