Meat in Horseradish Sauce (Mäso v Chreňovej Omáčke)

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I think there is a time in every man’s time when he begins to enjoy horseradish (chreň). I remember, as kid, my revulsion to anything containing this vegetable. And now, I find horseradish mustard (chreňová horčica) to be my favorite kind.

Horseradish is an ancient plant from the same family as broccoli, mustards, or cabbages. It is grown for its large root, which is grated and preserved in vinegar. It will keep refrigerated for many months. You will horseradish in your grocery store in the deli section, next to pickles and some exotic cheeses.

Sauce (omáčka) made out of horseradish is very popular in Slovakia. In making it, I used mix of three different recipes. The amount of flour came from Recepty Starej Mamy by M. Murtišová. The cream and water came from Slovenská Kuchárka. And finally, the serving suggestion is from

Ingredients: 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup cream, water, 100g horseradish, lemon or vinegar
Prep Time: 20 minutes

making roux
Start by preparing zápražka (roux) by browning the flour on oil (or butter). Add milk and cream.

Then add salt and one tablespoon worth of lemon juice (citrón).

Add water as needed – I needed about two cups. Continue stirring and let go through boil. Then turn the heat off and add 100g – half this jar – of horseradish (chreň).

baked smoked pork meat in horseradish sauce
Serve with smoked meat (údené mäso) and knedľa (the popular Czech/Slovak steamed dumpling).