Flat Bread and Rolls (Osúch a Rožky)

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Ingredients: bread dough, caraway seeds, oil, salt
Prep Time: 30 minutes for baking

We had some dough left over from making bread, so we used it to make osúch (dry flat bread) and rožky (bread rolls). Rožky are very popular in Slovakia. They look like tiny baguettes and are eaten with salads.

dough for osuch on baking pan
Lightly roll out a piece of dough to make a pancake about half inch thick. Move onto a greased baking sheet.

grease salt and caraway on dough
Grease, salt and top with few caraway seeds (rasca).

making rozky flat bread and rolls ready for baking
To make rožky, take smaller pieces of dough and roll them into cylinders. Let rise for some 10 minutes.

baking in a wood burning stove rolls after baking
Bake in a preheated oven for 15 minutes, or until the rolls and the bread get nicely golden brown. Bake at fairly low heat, about 150F.

slovak rolls and flat bread, rozky and osuch
The osúch was delicious. We finished most of it before the day was over.