Steamed Sweet Dumplings (Buchty na Pare)

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Ingredients: leavened dough, plum jam, butter, poppy seeds, ground walnuts, powdered sugar
Prep Time: 30 minutes (not counting time to prepare the dough)

I have a sweet tooth. This ought to be apparent to anyone by simply looking at the ratio of recipes in the Sweets category compared to the rest of the site. Unfortunately this is also apparent to my dentist. But it’s so hard not to like sweets, when Slovak cuisine is full of them. One of my favorites are sweet dumplings (buchty) on steam (na pare), which I show you how to prepare in this recipe. This is another dish I helped with at my grandma’s.

Start by rolling out the leavened dough to about 3 mm thin. Then using a knife or the circular dough cutting tool, cut out squares about 2×2 inches. Place a spoonful of thick plum jam (slivkový lekvár) in the middle. Pinch the dough together in one spot and work your way around accordion style to make the dumpling.

Alternatively, you can pinch together the diagonal ends. Form into a ball.

Place the dumplings aside, and fill a large pot with water. Make sure you have a lid for it. Then place a cloth over the top and tie it around with a string.

Then once the water is boiling place the dumplings on the cloth. Cover and let steam for about 12 minutes.

Carefully remove buchty from the steam and brush on melted butter. Then top with sweet ground poppy seeds or ground walnuts mixed with sugar.

Slovak sweet steamed dumplings filled with plum jam and topped with poppy seeds or walnuts, buchty na pare
Serve as main course for lunch or dinner. I particularly like this dish after a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Dobrú chuť!