Salt Sticks (Slané Tyčinky)

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Ingredients: frozen pastry dough, eggs, salt, sesame seeds, caraway seeds, cheese
Prep Time: 30 minutes

Today I watched my dad’s friend Janka prepare salt sticks, slané tyčinky. These are tasty snacks that are made from the flaky pastry dough (lístkové cesto, meaning “leafy dough”). In Slovakia, this dough can be purchased frozen in the supermarket. I am not sure how easily available the pastry dough is in the United States. I’ll post the recipe for the dough at a later date.

pastry dough (listkove cesto) rolled out pastry dough
Roll out the pastry dough (lístkové cesto) on a floured surface. It should be few millimeters thick.

cut into rectangle dough brushed with eggs
Cut the dough into rectangles about 1 x 3 inches. Place on an ungreased baking sheet. Break few eggs (vajcia), add salt (soľ) and whisk well. Brush the tops with this egg mixture.

topped with cheese and sesame pastry sticks after baking
Then top with sesame seeds (sézamové semiačka), caraway (rasca) or cheese (syr). Bake at 400F for about 10-15 minutes, until the sticks are golden brown and the dough is flaky (not gummie).

salty sticks from flaky pastry dough
Enjoy. These salt sticks make a great snack. And if you have some left over pastry sheets, you can turn them easily into sweet jam turnovers.