Potato Dumplings with Bryndza (Bryndzové halušky)

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Ingredients: potatoes, bryndza, bacon

Prep time: 30 minutes

If I had to pick one dish as the most uniquely Slovak, it would have to be bryndzové halušky. Halušky are potato dumplings, and they come in many varieties. They can be topped with cabbage, eggs, or simply used as a side dish. But when you mix them with bryndza, a soft crumbly cheese traditionally made by shepherds out of sheep milk, you get this national dish. Of course, to make them right, you will need bryndza. It’s not very easy to find in the United States. I ordered mine online, from a place called Slovak-Czech Varieties. In the recipe below, I mixed the bryndza with sour cream to make it bit more smooth. You may want to avoid this step, or use less cream. For another set of pictures showing how to make halušky, visit the link to a newer post.

peeled potatoes shredded potatoes
Start by peeling and shredding potatoes (zemiaky).

stir liquid add flour

Drain the liquid and stir in about the amount of potatoes in flour.

add salt halusky tossing

Add salt. Then use a kitchen knife and a cutting board to toss pieces about an inch long into a large pot of salted, boiling water.

halusky cooking fry bacon

Let cook for few minutes. In the mean time, cut bacon into small squares and fry them to make “škvarky”.

dumpling straining dumpling straining

Strain the dumplings. Use a wooden spoon to clear off the goo that clogs up the holes.

bryndza halusky mixed with bryndza

Take your bryndza and stir it in.

halusky topped with bryndza and bacon bits halusky with oštiepok cheese

Top with bacon and few spoonfuls of grease. They also taste great topped with with shredded “oštiepok” cheese.