Fried Fish (Vyprážaná Ryba)

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Ingredients: fish fillet, egg, bread crumbs, flour, oil, potato salad
Prep time: 20 minutes

The traditional meal to eat in Slovakia on Christmas is a fried fish with a potato salad. This dish typically follows a serving of the sauerkraut soup, kapustnica. I showed you how to make Slovak potato salad in the previous post. Here I show you how to fry the fish. It’s quick and easy!

fish fillet
Take a fully defrosted fish fillet, rinse it under running water, and pat dry with a paper towel.

fish coated in flour... fish coated in egg
Then coat it in flour, egg,…

fish coated in bread crumbs fry fish
… and bread crumbs. Fry in salted oil for few minutes on each side.

Slovak Christmas fried fish
Serve with potato salad and veggies. Delicious!

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