Pork Ribs with Vegetables (Bravčové Rebierka so Zeleninou)

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This website started over 3 years ago with a recipe for karbonárske špagety. In those three years, I think I managed to post recipes for all the dishes I more-or-less remember from living in and visiting Slovakia. So this time, I decided to reach for a cookbook for an inspiration. I wanted to make some sort of a meat dish, and I found in my trusty Recepty Starej Mamy (Grandma’s recipes) a recipe for pork ribs with rice and vegetables. This sounded good so I decided to give it a try. I am not a big meat eater, but sometimes you just get that meat craving. This turned to be a really simple and tasty recipe. It’s different from the American way to prepare ribs – first of all, there is no barbecue sauce. And the ribs are “grilled” rapidly in the frying pan instead of being slow-cooked.

Ingredients: 1 lb pork ribs, half a large onion, one tomato, half a green pepper, one clove garlic, flour, oil, rice
Prep Time: About 30 minutes

tenderizing pork ribs frying pork ribs
If the ribs come as single long slabs, cut them in half to make more manageable portions. Using a tenderizing mallet, tenderize the meat slightly from both sides. Season with salt and pepper and coat one side with flour. Fry in a hot pan containing small amount (few teaspoons) of oil.

frying onion frying vegetables
The ribs will cook fast. When done from both sides, remove and place them in some container. Reduce the heat and add a diced onion into the meat juice. Fry stirring until the onion turns yellow. Then add a diced tomato and green pepper. Finally add a crushed clove of garlic. Stir and simmer covered for about 10 minutes until the vegetables soften.

rice and vegetables cooking slovak ribs with rice and vegetables
Then finally add the meat back to warm it up. You can alternatively warm up the meat in another frying pan – this will give you crunchier meat than cooking it in the vegetable broth. Serve with rice. I also added few fresh veggies (obloha) to give the dish more color. Enjoy!