Farmer's Cheese Cake (Tvarožník)

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Ingredients: leavened dough, farmer’s cheese, sugar, milk, cinnamon, vanilla sugar
Prep Time: 30 minutes (if you have the dough ready)

Tvarožník is a cake made using tvaroh or farmer’s cheese. It is basically cottage cheese from which all the juice (whey) has been squeezed out. My grandma made this cake from the same sweet leavened dough she used to make orechovník (nut roll) and makovník (poppy seed roll).

farmer's cheese, sugar and milk add vanilla sugar
Start off with making the filling. You can do this while the dough is rising. Combine the farmer’s cheese (tvaroh), two tablespoons of sugar (cukor, to taste), about half a cup of milk (mlieko), and one packet of vanilla sugar (vanilkový cukor, about a tablespoon).

add cinnamon filling for farmer's cheese cake
Also add one packet (about a tablespoon) of cinnamon (škorica). Mix and press well so that you get a mixture with the consistency of paste. Add more milk if needed.

dough on wooden board work dough with hands
Then take one of the sections of the dough, and run over it few times with the rolling pin. The grab it in your hands, and work it from the bottom side using your knuckles. In the end, the dough was about an inch thick.

dough on baking pan grease dough
Place it onto a greased baking pan, and press out the ends. Then grease the top with oil (olej).

dough cutting tool cake with cheese filling
My grandma then used this circular cutting tool to perforate the edges. This is done just for looks. Evenly spread the filling on top.

brushing cake with oil tvaroznik sitting before baking
Lightly grease the top with oil and let sit for some 10 minutes.

Slovak farmer's cheese cake, tvaroznik
Then bake on “high” until the edges turn golden brown. Enjoy!