Chocolate Covered Bananas (Banány v Čokoláde)

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Ingredients: bananas, chocolate, toppings

One of my favorite candies in Slovakia are little banana-shaped yellow jello pieces covered in dark chocolate. They are made by a company named Orion, and are called (quite appropriately) “Bananas in Chocolate” (external link). I think they are also commonly known as “banánky” (little bananas). Well yesterday my friend Miroslava sent me a photo of her chocolate covered bananas, along with the recipe. Here it is:

chocolate covered bananas
Melt chocolate (čokoláda) of your choice (baking chocolate or a chocolate bar) by placing it in a small pot, which you in turn place in a larger pot containing boiling water. This is done so that the chocolate melts without burning. You can alternatively try the microwave. Then when the chocolate is melted, simply dip in it peeled bananas (banány). Cover them right away with your choice of toppings: sliced almonds (sekané mandle), poppy seeds (mak), or sesame seeds (sézamové semienka) work great. Poke a toothpick in one end and enjoy.