Apple Carrot Salad (Jablkovo-mrkvový Šalát)

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Ingredients: one apple, about 3 carrot sticks
Prep Time: 5 minutes

My mom used to prepare this refreshing salad quite often when I was a kid. I figured I’ll post it here. It consists of approximately equal parts of apples and carrots. The resulting mixture has a very nice sweet taste (from the apple), and is also quite juicy.

apple and three carrots
Take an apple (jablko) and few carrots (mrkva, pl. mrkvy). Sweet and juicy apples work the best. I believe I used the McIntosh variety here. Remove the stem and peel the carrots. You can also peel the apple but from my personal experience this is not necessary. Grating will take care of this on its own.

grate the apple grate the carrots
Then using a food grater, shred the apples and the carrots. Use the wider setting for the apple and the finer one for the carrots.

apple carrot salad
And that’s it. If the salad ends up bit too on the carroty side (and not sweet enough), simply add bit more apple. Another popular Slovak side salad is the cucumber salad. I will be adding a recipe to it shortly.