Lesson 4 Dialog: White Flower

Wow, you had an eventful day! You introduced yourself to new friends, went to a restaurant, and even managed to ask how much something costs. It’s time to head back to your hotel room and relax with some good ol’ Slovak TV. Luckily, STV2 (Slovak Television Channel 2) is showing music video clips from the 80s, and you turn the TV on just as Miro Žbirka’s song Biely Kvet (White Flower) comes on. Miro Žbirka was one of the most popular Slovak musicians in the 80s. He was the Slovak version of John Lennon; his mom was even British.

So what is this song about? Here are the lyrics with as close to literal translation as I could muster. And don’t forget to sing along. I believe that songs are one of the best ways to learn a foreign language. Especially catchy ones like this one.

biely kvet – darujem ti biely kvet
white flower – (I) gift you white flower
biely kvet – môžu ti ho závidieť
white flower – (they) may you it be-jealous-of
biely kvet – od šatnárky v kine Sen
white flower – from (the lady) attendant at cinema Dream
studený biely kvet ti na rozlúčku prinesiem
cold white flower (for) you for a farewall (I) bring

biely kvet – darujem ti biely kvet
white flower – (I) gift you white flower
biely kvet – posledný je, viac ich niet, niet
white flower – the last-one it-is, more of-it is-not, is-not
biely kvet – dlhá ryha smútku v ňom
white flower – long crease of sadness in it
studený biely kvet ti dávam navždy s úsmevom
cold white flower you (I) give forever with a smile

Tak sa priprav na život s ním, priprav na život s ním
So get ready for the life with him, get ready for the life with him
Prežiješ s ním možno pár zím, možno pár dlhých zím
(You may) live-through with him maybe few winters, maybe couple long winters
Na svetlo vždy vyjdeš s tmou, nechám ti v ňom smútok slov
To the light you will come-out with darkness, (I’ll) leave for-you in it sadness of words
Tak sa priprav na život s ním – priprav na život s ním
So get ready for the life with him, get ready for the life with him




Do you like this song? Find out more about popular Slovak songs from the 80s in the blog section of this website…

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