Lesson 1 Vocabulary: Ja som Američan

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In the first lesson you learned how to make simple greetings and tell people your nationalities. These were explained in more detail in the grammar section. Let’s now go back and review. Along the way you’ll learn few new vocabulary words.


Slovak: Slovák (male), Slovenka (female), Slováci (plural), Slovenky (plural feminine)
Czech: Čech (M), Češka (F), Češi (P), Češky (PF)
American: Američan, Američanka, Američania, Američanky
German: Nemec, Nemka, Nemci, Nemky
Hungarian: Maďar, Maďarka, Maďari, Maďarky
Pole: Poliak, Poľka, Poliaci, Poľky
Russian: Rus, Ruska, Rusi, Rusky
Brit: Angličan, Angličanka, Angličania, Angličanky
French: Francúz, Francúzska, Francúzi, Francúzsky
Chinese: Číňan, Číňanka, Číňania, Číňanky
Indian: Ind, Indka, Indovia, Indky

My friends

Ja som Slovák (I am Slovak)
Petra je Slovenka (Petra is Slovak, fem.)
Tereza je Češka (Tereza is Czech, fem.)
Chris je Američan (Chris is American)
Patrícia je Nemka (Patricia is German, fem.)
Julien je Francúz (Julien is French)
Olga je Ruska (Olga is Russian, fem.)
TaiSen je Číňan (TaiSen is Chinese)
Madhu je Ind (Madhu is Indian)

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