Off to Slovakia

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Hi all you fans of Slovak cooking!

First, a quick apology for not posting new recipes in a while. I’ve had an amazingly busy summer. Partly this was due to travel (first to Colombia to visit my girlfriend’s family, then to California for work). I have also been looking for a new place to live. We found an amazing apartment with a huge kitchen with granite countertops. The apartment building also has a party room with a full size kitchen, where I’ll be able to hold cooking lessons once we get situated. The apartment is in Falls Church, Virginia so let me know if you live in the area and would be interested in the lessons. I’ll put you on a list…

But the main reason for being so busy is that I had to complete a paper for the upcoming International Electric Propulsion Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. It’s been an insanely hectic experience, but the paper is almost done, well at least all the figures are in place. I’ll be posting a copy and a quick summary of the work to my scientific computing blog at (my plasma physics consulting company). The paper is on multiscale modeling of Hall thrusters.

The conference doesn’t start for another month. The reason for the mad dash was that in about 2 hours I’ll be leaving for the airport to get on a plane to head to Slovakia! My friend Alex will be joining me tomorrow (I accidentally booked the ticket for one day earlier). We will spend Saturday in Bratislava and then we’ll head to my home town of Banská Bystrica. And on Tuesday we’ll head to the Low Tatras to start our 16 day backpacking trip. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter and to follow the site @slovakcooking for the latest updates. I will try to post updates and photos whenever we get to a town with internet access.

Alex will leave at the beginning of September, on the day my girlfriend will fly in. We’ll then spend another week sightseeing and visiting family. Then we’ll hop on a train first for Prague, and then for Wiesbaden. After the conference we’ll head over to Amsterdam for one night, and then London for two more. And then on the 18th of September we’ll return back to the States.

Until then, take care!

PS: Don’t forget about the New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival. I’ll be there, and will have a booth where I will demonstrate few traditional Slovak dishes.