Bread with Radishes (Chlieb s Reďkovkou)

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I am a member of several cooking discussion forums, including Pantry Challenge Yahoo Group and Discuss Cooking. It’s not too uncommon for folks to ask questions along the lines of “I just bought a bunch of radishes. I put some in my salad, but don’t know what to do with the rest. How do you cook/prepare radishes?”.

I find this quite interesting. When I was growing up in Slovakia, the main use for radishes (reďkovky) was: sandwich topping. Bread topped with slices of this root vegetable known for its tangy, sharp flavor, makes for a great light breakfast, especially when coupled with a glass of warm milk or hot chocolate.

Ingredients: bread, butter, radishes
Prep Time: One minute

sliced radishes bread with radishes
There is not much to this “recipe”. Wash the radishes, cut off the ends, and slice into pieces about 3 mm thick. Spread butter on a slice of good wheat bread, top with radishes, salt, eat. That’s it.

radishes growing in my garden freshly picked radishes
As a side note, radishes are extremely easy to grow! I had two small 6×3 foot plots at my previous house, and without knowing anything about gardening, I planted bunch of radishes (and also tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, dill and onions). This small garden supplied me with fresh veggies for most of the summer.

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