French Toast (Chlieb vo vajci)

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Ingredients: 3 eggs, 5 slices of rye bread, salt
Prep time: 5 minutes

Shortly after coming to America, I went out for breakfast to some IHOP-like establishment. I clearly remember my shock: people put WHAT on french toast? Syrup?? Wild! In this recipe I show how french toast – or “bread in egg” (chlieb vo vajci) – is prepared in Slovakia. We eat it salty. This dish is also good for disposing of those end pieces of bread that are too small to make a sandwich.

whisked eggs bread dipped in eggs

Whisk 3 eggs (vajcia), salt liberally, and coat bread (chlieb) in the egg. We often use heavy breads, such as rye.

bread frying

Fry on a hot, greased pan

Slovak french toast

Piece of cake! Add more salt if needed. As a side note, those tomatoes came from my garden. Another great snack or possibly breakfast is potato pancakes.