There are so many Slovak dishes and so little time! If you know how to cook Slovak food I’ll be very happy to share your dishes on my site. Any dish is fine, but I am especially looking for folks who know how to prepare our wonderful sweet treats: koláče, torty, etc…

So how do you get your recipe on the website? It’s quite simple. Simply email me your recipe photos along with a short write up (in Slovak, Czech or English). I will then post the recipe under your name. I will also link to your own site, if you have one. Just mention the URL in your write up. There are two requirements you should be aware of. First, the recipe must be for a Czech or a Slovak dish (obviously). Secondly, your recipe needs to include at least several photos showing the main preparation steps. In other words, it should look fairly similar to the other recipes already posted on the site.

Ďakujem! (that means thanks!)

PS: If you know a recipe for a great Slovak dish, please post it on the Favorites page. I and my other readers would love to hear what other people consider typical Slovak food. This is also a good way to suggest future recipes that I should prepare.